LEASED – 18,300 SF Food Processing Building in Los Angeles

An 18,300 square foot food processing building was leased this month to a vegan meal prep and delivery company based in Los Angeles. They needed this space for their expanding business of shipping prepared meals across the country.

los angeles food processing building with floor drains, cooking hood, washable walls, cooler
Downtown L.A. food processing building with floor drains, cooking hood, washable walls, cooler.

The facility was previously occupied by Revolution Foods who prepared school lunches here for Los Angeles charter schools. The new tenant signed a long term lease and will make some improvements to the space. BROCHURE-SitePlan 1715 E 21st LEASED

Bakery Building, Wholesale / Retail – For Sale

4462 E Olympic 20150828 11Bakery with Kitchen & Hood. 200 SF Cooler, Grease Trap, Floor Drains, Ovens. Flexible CM Zone. Fenced Parking Lot. At 710 & 5 Freeways & McDonald’s adjacent

Converted to bakery in 2008. Possible commercial kitchen, commissary, food processing, meal delivery, beverage, market. Restaurant/Food Processing Wholesale health permit.
Unincorporated LA County; no city taxes.  BROCHURE-SitePlan-Photos.

Food Processing Freezer Cooler Building – For Sale, Los Angeles County


Great food production and cold storage facility. The owner built coolers and freezer in 2004 that are 43 feet high which accommodate 5 high racking. The facility has floor drains, washable walls, clarifier/interceptor with wastewater discharge, pasteurization machinery and liquid silos, 13 truck high loading positions, and is situated on a large 116,740 square foot lot of M2 zoned land in the City of South Gate, Los Angeles County, California.

Freezer/cooler room, 43 foot high ceiling, 5 high and 4 deep racking

Located 20 minutes from the Port of LA, LAX, and Downtown Los Angeles. Visible from the 710 Long Beach Freeway. Central Southern California location.

The building lends itself to the following food industries: meat, beef, poultry, fish/seafood, eggs, dairy (milk, cheese), beverages like kombucha or juice, brewery, bakery, frozen food manufacturing, prepared meal delivery, commercial kitchen, airline commissary, produce processing, etc… Listing brochure for sale: Download Aerial Brochure. This is a rare opportunity to acquire such a high quality food facility. Was built to USDA and SQF food safety specifications.



aerial showing freezer, cooler, dock loading, and this food production facility property.
Former food processing facility that is ideal for conversion to a marijuana cultivation cannabis growing facility.

UPDATE: this property was sold in March 2018.

Los Angeles’ Garment Industry Frets Over Pay Hike

You can read the WSJ article here. Excerpt below.

Some say a $15 minimum wage, slated by 2020, will drive them out.

Employees sew towels and clothing at the 5 Thread Factory in the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles. The company opened the factory just three years ago.

LOS ANGELES—Its numbers have slipped from earlier highs, but Los Angeles still boasts more jobs making jeans, jackets and other apparel than any other pocket of the country.

Manufacturers and designers now fear “Made in L.A.” is under threat from a new law set to boost the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020.

The city’s wage law, which will raise the base pay by 50% over five years, serves as a test for urban minimum wages. Advocates say it will provide much needed help for working families but manufacturers warn it will undercut their competitiveness and drive them out of town.

Contract apparel manufacturer 5 Thread Factory, whose garments include shirts for men and women, mountain-bike gear and other products, has outgrown its two floors of space in a gritty downtown neighborhood just three years after it opened. But with wages rising, CEO Brian Zuckerman said he won’t sign another lease in the city.

“The simple answer to this whole conversation is we’re moving out of the city of L.A.,” he said.

Artists and Industrial Buildings

Although many artists have flocked to industrial areas of Los Angeles for decades, there has been a rapid increase in this movement over the past 5 years. Especially in the Downtown Arts District and the NorthEast L.A. neighborhoods of Silverlake, Glassell Park, Mt. Washington, Frogtown, and Atwater.

The below is excerpted from a WSJ Magazine feature article on Michael Kelley in 2013.

At a time when rising-star artists earned their stripes in New York, Kelley also stood apart for championing Los Angeles, a once-sleepy art scene that now simmers with younger talents like painter Mark Grotjahn and sculptor Sterling Ruby—both in their early-to-mid forties—who say they moved there in part to study with Kelley or work nearby. In fact, his thrift-store aesthetic has arguably influenced the way younger artists everywhere think about making art. “Mike brought the lowest, base forms of pop culture into the arts,” says Ruby. “That’s big with my generation, but he was the pioneer.”

It just so happens that we were involved in  real estate transactions with each of these artists (Kelley, Ruby and Grotjahn).  The neighborhoods were, Glassell Park, Frogtown, and Vernon, respectively.

Currently we have a 9,000 square foot brick building with fenced yard available for lease along the L.A. River bordering Glassell Park and Frogtown.

2500 San Fernando Rd building for lease in Glassell Park, Frogtown arts district
2500 San Fernando Rd building for lease in Glassell Park, Frogtown arts district

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