Tips for Choosing A Real Estate Agent

Choose a broker who has experience in your immediate area.

There is no substitute for true market knowledge, which can only be gained through extensive transaction experience in a defined geographic area. It is, quite simply, the only way to acquire the market ‘intelligence’ required to drive the hardest bargain for a tenant or buyer. An experienced tenant/buyer representation specialist who works in your target market knows not only what is available in your market before anyone else, they know every landlord’s negotiating strategy, motivations, financial constraints, operating expenses and other key information he can use to your advantage. Be careful of tenant/buyer representatives who don’t specialize geographically as they must rely on unreliable and incomplete third party databases for market data.

Choose a broker who has experience in your particular product type.

The importance of specialization also applies to the type of property contemplated in the lease or sale transaction. There are stark differences between industrial, office and retail properties. The physical aspects of each are substantially different, as are the lease structures, term, conditions and operating expenses, among other things. For example, a full service gross office lease is a completely different challenge than a single tenant industrial triple net lease.

Contact an agent specializing in the Central Los Angeles region and industrial manufacturing and warehouse properties.  Extensive property listings provided upon request to qualified clients.

2 thoughts on “Tips for Choosing A Real Estate Agent”

  1. I agree that getting an agent that has a lot of experience in the market should be your primary consideration. My sister sold her house and hired a newbie relator. It was a bad experience altogether. Also, I would recommend finding an agent who’s local for they will know the local market’s movement and trends and could give you the best advice to your real estate needs. Cheers!

    1. Good points Lucy! Local commercial real estate knowledge is very important when considering a lease or sale of a property, whether industrial or otherwise.

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